Driver Signing Certificates

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So you need to sign a driver, eh? We can help, and at prices much, much lower than Verisign's (see the above comparison!). The certificates sold here are exactly the same validation level at less than half the price. Ours aren't sale or promotional prices so if you find a lower normal price for a comparable driver signing certificate please let us know and we'll do everything we can to beat it.

One certificate, ALL platforms, including driver signing support for Windows!

  • Code Signing Certificates for Windows 8
  • Code Signing for Microsoft Authenticode

    Kernel Mode Driver Signing Sign any *.SYS file or other hardware driver.

  • Code Signing for Adobe AIR

    Adobe AIR Code Sign any Adobe AIR application.

  • Code Signing for Microsoft Authenticode

    Microsoft Authenticode Code Sign any Microsoft format (32 and 64 bit) EXE, DLL, OCX, MSI, CAB.

  • Code Signing for Microsoft Office

    Microsoft Office Code Sign any MS Office Macro or VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) file.

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    Mozilla Code Sign any Mozilla Object file.

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    Apple Code Sign Apple Mac software for MacOS 9 and OSX

  • Code Signing for Java

    Java Code Sign any JAR applet

What is a driver signing certificate?

Starting with Windows Vista, all 64-bit drivers for Windows have to be digitally signed by an appropriate code signing certificate issued from a supported CA. Our driver signing certificates are issued by DigiCert and are fully recognized by Microsoft for driver signing as well as all other types of digital signature operations. A kernel mode driver signing certificate is a higher level certificate than most and very few certificate authorities can issue them.

Our driver signing certificates will work for Java, Adobe, Microsoft Authenticode, Microsoft Office (VBA macros), OSX, Android and iPhone.

It is important to note that if you only need to sign applications and other files that are NOT Windows drivers our standard code signing certificates will work for you and are quite a bit less expensive.

We recommend reading Microsoft's Driver Signing Policy for more information on how and why digital signatures are now required for Windows drivers.

Microsoft's Kernel-Mode Code Signing Walkthrough provides detailed information on the process of signing and testing driver files, including :

  • Getting Started with Code Signing
  • Code Signing Tools Overview
  • How to Test Sign a Kernel Module
  • How to Install and Load a Test-signed Driver Package
  • How to Troubleshoot Test-Signed Drivers
  • How to Release Sign a Kernel Module
  • How to Install and Load a Release-signed Driver Package
  • How to Troubleshoot Release-Signed Drivers
  • How to Disable Signature Enforcement on a Test Computer

We also have a tutorial in our knowledgebase that covers driver signing and gives an example of how to use signtool to sign your .sys files, see the tutorial titled How do I use a Kernel Mode Driver Signing Certificate to sign driver files?

kSign - the Signtool.exe alternative for Code Signing

Free Code Signing Software

That's right, it's free. It does not require signtool.exe, signcode.exe or the download of ANY microsoft SDK.

kSign will sign any number of files with your code signing certificate and comes with everything you need - no SDK or additional downloads required. Best of all - it's FREE!

Click Here to Download kSign

Signtool.exe alternative for Code Signing
Click the screenshot for a full-size version.

Signtool.exe alternative for Code Signing
Click the screenshot for a full-size version.

kSign was written specifically for customers that have purchased code signing certificates through K Software. If you didn't purchase your certificate through K Software you can still use kSign for free but you'll be taken back to this website when the software signs a file.

We've purchased both SSL and code signing certificates from K and I have no doubt we will continue to do business with them for a very very long time!

Stephane Grenier, LandlordMax Software Inc.

All our products are signed with a certificate purchased from K Software. Not only K Software offers the absolutely best prices, they also provide unbeatable support.

Jiri Novotny, Dextronet

If you're looking to purchase a digital certificate, check K Software first. Excellent customer service and excellent prices!

Eugene Mironichev, ByteScout Developer Tools

Thank you very much. This is just awesome customer service!

Haseeb Abdul Qadir, Jump Desktop Read More Testimonials
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